Massimiliano Amicucci, owner of MOVE – Officine del Cappello, started his career in 1984 when he first approached the traditional crafting techniques of master hatters.
Since more than 30 years he realizes hats and garments for cinema, opera and theatre worldwide.

  • Dafoe, Kingsley, Pitt

    Dafoe, Kingsley, Pitt

  • James, Harris, Knightley

    James, Harris, Knightley

  • Meyers, Cotillard, Depp

    Meyers, Cotillard, Depp

  • Crow, Jackman

    Crow, Jackman


The skill and competence in realizing bespoke hats and garments, closely following client’s requests, entitled Massimiliano Amicucci of “Una vita professionale per il cinema” in 2008, a prestigious Cinecittà award.
Sherlock Holmes – Gioco di ombre“, “Les Miserables“, “Zoolander 2“, “007 Spectre“, “King Arthur“, “Jupiter“, “Allied“: only a few Hollywood collaborations to mention. From Massimiliano Amicucci’s hands begins a very distinctive part of worldwide cinema and theatre characters’ look: true excellence products. Hats 100% handmade in Italy.
“MOVE – Officine del Cappello” takes off in 2010 with the idea of merging the artistic, artisanal and historical knowledge with the modern expression of fashion.
The collaboration with cinema and theatre costume designers such as Piero Tosi and Oscar nomineés as Milena Canonero, Sandy Powell, Gabriella Pescucci, Maurizio Millenotti, plays a leading role: the continuous research of detail and singularty of design are placing MOVE cinema costume items between the most exclusive and refined hats.


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